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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  June 19, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> in the capitol hill to meet with house republicans, as build. good evening everyone, i am frank somerville. >> i am julie haener, the resident said the immigration system is broken and has been for many years, he said it is the democrats in congress who are to blame for the separation of families of the border for mexico. nearly 2000 children have been separated from their parents since the trumpet ministration begin enforcing the zero- tolerance immigration policy, the detention center, in texas, new video, while the president points the finger congress, democratic leaders and even some republican sates the president and his policy that has been dividing families, and even protested the visit the congress. live team coverage as it continues to begin them washing with garrett d it was a great meeting.
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>> he said it was a great meeting, he is hopeful that republicans will pass the legislation, because when it comes to illegal immigration, president trump has maintained he only has two options, and force the current law, or open of the border, now he is calling on congress to approve a third option. >> we want to solve this problem, -- family separation, i don't want children taken away from parents. >> reporter: president trump is doubling down that his options are limited during the issue of illegal immigration. he urged congress to approve another solution, allow officials to detain their parents and children together as a family unit. >> we want to and the border crisis by finally giving us the legal authority and the resources to detain and remove illegal immigrants altogether, the families together and bring them back to their country.>> reporter: the white house is under mounting pressure to stop a policy that separates
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children from their families in recent weeks, but the president is feeling -- is limning democrats for failing to do with the issue. >> there is no long that says we need to separate children, this is a policy decision. >> the president has the power to reverse the policy that he put in place six weeks ago.>> reporter: but the acting eyes director defended the president stance. >> people can come claiming asylum, but they have to do it through the system, and not sneak across the border, dealing with that, tying us up wh drugs and other things are tying is a along the corridor. >> republicans are under pressure to find legislative options to end the separation of migrant children from their parents, the house is expected to vote later this week, on a pair of immigration proposals, many house republicans are urging the president to help find a solution. frank and julie? >> thank you. congresswoman barbara lee
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and jack -- jaclyn spear are going to see this situation for stand for themselves, they will both be heading to texas to visit those detention centers on friday. today, two florida leaders, senator bill nelson and debbie wasserman schultz, were denied entry into a detention center in homestead just south of miami, that center holds approximately 1000 children. >> we are here because of the result of a ridiculous policy that has offended the morality of the american people.>> according to senator nelson's twitter account, the facility told him they need two weeks notice to allow them inside. hundreds of protesters shut down the street in front of san francisco's immigration office for hours this afternoon, saying they are angry that children are being separated from their families of the border. right in the middle of this protest today, we are joined live, christian, they say the
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recent shift in policy has galvanized them? >> reporter: they sure do, and also today, i can tell you, the mayor and mayor elect london breed, both decried the policy of separating children from parents, their voices joining with a chorus of voices protesting in sam cisco today speaking out against the policy of separating children from their families. -- in san francisco. in all, three separate protests over the policy of separating undocumented children from the families, joining together into one large protest. >> i am shocked, i don't understand why everybody is not in the streets.>> reporter: a regular protest, about a dozen or so activists who have been meeting every tuesday for more than 70 weeks resisting president trump's agenda. >> there has been more urgency, but this is probably the most cruel and most heartless.
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>> no trump, no mike prince -- mike pence, no more separating immigrants. >> what is happening on the border is hopefully a wake-up call for people to say we just can't go along with that. >> reporter: these protests all came together, marching from market street, to ice headquarters in san francisco, eventually blocking the street, some with personal stories. her family survived internment during world war ii, and she sees dangerous parallels today. >> stop repeating history, it happened in world war ii, it is happening again, this is not nazi germany, this has to stop. >> reporter: many protesters see more and more outrage, this controversy does not seem to be dying down. and they see some potential allies across the aisle,
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republicans have spoken against the policy, and hope this is a turning point. >> people like me, i am ready to storm the barricades, i am a law-abiding, peaceful citizen, but he's gone too far.>> reporter: protesters who are out here in san francisco today say that today's protest was really a warm-up, there will be a series of larger protests, one set for this coming saturday, and an even larger one set for june 30, set to take place at civic center plaza, that will be part of a coordinated national effort, a series of protest like this, across the country. back to you. >> christian, thank you. several states are standing up to the president, and pulling their national guard troops that they sent to the border, the angry reaction from governors across the country. >> reporter: massachusetts is one of several states and in
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cooperation with the white house initiative to deploy the national guard to the border, charlie baker made the decision to deploy troops earlier this month, but is now pulling out. it comes as resistance to the policy of separating children from the parents of the border has increased in recent days.>> we told the national guard to hold steady, and not go down to the border,. we will not be supporting that initiative, unless they change the policy.>> reporter: over 2000 miners have been taken from the parents while illegally entering the united states. >> children are being separated from the parents, in cruel, unnecessary, i would say un- american ways. >> reporter: maryland governor hogan joined the bipartisan backlash, tweeting quote, until this policy of separating children from the families has been rescinded, marilyn will not deploy any national guard resources to the border. another governor, republican rick scott of florida, who is a trump ally, says he is not in favor of supporting children
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from their parents of the border, but stopping short of criticizing the ministration. in new york, david lee miller, fox news . new york, colorado, rhode island and delaware have announced that they will recall their national guard troops. so far california has not withdrawn its national guard troops, governor jerry brown's office said of its role, it would not be a mission to round up women and children or detain people escaping violence and seeking a better life. and the california national guard will not be enforcing federal immigration laws. the statement said that the vast majority of immigrants are contributing positively to our state. a couple -- a couple from silicon valley has raised the largest ever fundraising effort on facebook, $5 million to help reunite immigrant families, where the money is coming from, and where will be going, coming up at 5:30 pm. the u.s. announced that it is withdrawing from the un
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commission for human rights, nikki haley called the panel a cesspool of political bias, especially against israel. they said that she said it passed against israel, more than north korea,ndcouncil cann itself to address the massive abuses in venezuela and iran, and it welcomes the democratic republic of congo as a new member, the council ceases to be worthy of its name. >> the latest u.s. withdrawal for the multilateral agreements and groups under the trump administration, it comes one day after the un high commissioner blasted the u.s. for separating families at the border with mexico. new information about a shootout between police and a carload of teenagers in union city, it ended with one of the suspects being shot. at the scene now, more on what happened, henry? >> this is the spot the suspec
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just 15 and 16 years old. it all started when officers tried to stop a stolen toyota camry in union city, inside the car were three teenage boys. >> the argument got out and exchanged gunfire with the police officers. >> neighbors to cover after the bullets flew monday night. >> you hear a semiautomatic, i thought it was fireworks, it was over 20 or 30 shots, i hit the floor, and my dog at the floor.>> two of the suspects ran away but were caught, one of them caught in this house. the driver of the car didn't stick around, either. >> the driver of the vehicle drove alongside the railroad tracks in the dirt, and on the railroad tracks, all the way to whipple road, he was ultimately stopped and arrested. >> reporter: you can see the
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stolen car riddled with bullet holes, where the shooting happened, dozens of evidence markers, this undercover police vehicle has a rod sticking out of its barber, one of the suspects were shot during the confrontation.>> we are not sure if they were shot by police, he may have been nastily shot by his partner, in the vehicle. >> what police do know, is that six officers from the major crimes task force were involved, and that police opened fire. made up of officers from union city, newark and fremont. please spent most of the day documenting three crime scenes, the alameda sheriff's office brought in a drone to shoot video. >> unbelievable, unreal, it is a sad thing. >> i can't imagine, don't they have better things to do? >> reporter: police say they recovered many guns in this case, all three teenagers are
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facing charges of attempted murder of police officers, their names are being withheld because of their ages.>> these are just 15 and 16-year-old kids, chased by police, get out of the car, opened fire, do police have any idea why they started shooting? >> reporter: it's unclear, but what got them investigated in the first place, the task force was drawn up because of recent shootings, police say they don't have evidence that the teens are linked to the case, but the investigation is still ongoing, it is unclear why they had a gun and opened fire. >> 30 or 40 shots fired? >> reporter: the witness we spoke to, juanita, said that she is that she heard a lot of shots. and a lot of evidence markers out here. new at 5:30 pm, a bay area city about to tax big business, will it keep companies removing here? a look at the controversial debate. blood was coming
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out, and thinking what are you doing this, why are you doing this? >> a random attack on the streets of oakland leaves and activists beaten and bloodied. getting ready for fire season, taking you along with firefighters as they train for the dangerous time ahead. increasing numbers into the bay area weekend, for weather, upper 90s, by friday and saturday.
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crews have contain a grass fire, near doherty road, this afternoon, from sky fox, you can see firefighters used
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helicopters, a bulldozer and hand crews on the ground, no word on what caused the fire, but an example of how fire season is here, temperatures are going up, fourth of july around the corner, and all of that is raising concern about fires.>> our crews got a firsthand look at the training that firefighters are going through, as cristina rendon reports, even those considered safe. >> reporter: a field of dry weeds burns high and quick, these flames are only practice for the real thing.>> anything that's remotely hot is going to light fire.>> the fire protection district, they know all too well the potential for fires increases leading up to independence day.>> they create literally hundreds of fires in the weeks before and following the fourth of july, but the fourth of july is the worst.
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>> these burn between 1200 and 2000 degrees.>> reporter: firsthand example of how fast flames can spread through the vegetation, pushed in part by the wind. >> within five seconds to 10 seconds, it was growing fast enough that you would not be able to put out with her garden hose.>> with people of handheld sparklers, and give them to the children, thinking that's the safest and sanest way to celebrate the fourth of july, with a patriotic sense of america, we really want people to think again and undersnd the hazards. >> reporter: for a week now, firefighters have been coming to the area for world world training -- real world training. getting in practice like this is important. >> this is a side of summer that no one thinks about, and they want you to remember about fire safety and prevention. >> do not buy, bring into the
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county, or use illegal fireworks. >> as a geathers speed, you can help reduce the dangers by celebrating the holiday safely. ktvu fox 2 news. let's talk more about fire danger, bill martin, our meteorologist, it started with fog this morning, it started to heat up and it will get real hot by the end of the week?>> real hot, but as we get into thursday and friday, it equates sometimes to some increased fire danger obviously, that is the story as we go towards the end of the week. in the meantime, a pretty nice pattern, still very warm, about 5 degrees warmer than yesterday, fog is rather the coast, that is always an indication of the warmth, see how it is trapped, it tells you the high pressure is really doing the job, the fog is trapped at the coast, the average about 800 feet or thousand feet, not pushing inland, you'll see a little bit
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of a push tonight, tomorrow morning, i don't expect more in the valley are beyond. current temperatures, running warmer inland than they were last night at this time, 4 degrees warmer in fairfield, a little bit cooler on the bay, which will be the story again tomorrow, today is not the big he day, you seal this, this is called wild, this is all brown, this is not the genius, organic , native to california, that came over on the hooves of the spanish and their horses, many years ago, in the 1700s, that stuff is invaded, california is to be bunch grasses, we didn't burn like this, bunch grasses evolved because of the potential for what fire. very invasive, it has created
5:20 pm
fuel beyond belief, the stuff is six or 8 inches high, and you go to the bottom done here, and you light a match, it's going to burn to the top, and lunch grasses were widely scattered, you see some native ones, but most of them have been pushed out because of the stuff. california evolved differently, the climate is prone to fire, and the wild oat that came in is causing problems, not going away, the fog footprint for tomorrow morning, quite a bit, go to the coast, it wasn't like today, forecast highs may be a degree -- a degree or two cooler. today, yesterday and tomorrow all very similar, after that, the reds, the 90 start coming west, that's when temperatures start going pretty good, and the fuel moisture gets into the teens, when fire danger becomes a concern,
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thursday and friday. see you back for the forecast, tomorrow will be a lot like today, maybe a little bit cooler inland. the san francisco giants, have had their fair share of injuries this year. >> but none like this, their closer, hunter strickland, broke his finger in his pitching hand, after he blew the save, the pledge left him with a fractured right pinky, that will require surgery, the bottom line is that he is expected to be out 6-8 weeks, he said he was thoroughly disappointed in him, and said he needs to have emotional control. without him, they will turn to tony wsoto take over the closer position. still to come, google is teaming up with bay area hospitals to predict when certain people will die. the new technology coming up a little bit later. one bay area neighborhood, a report on septic dumping, that's next.
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a recent 2 investigates report, in a neighborhood in castro valley. >> septic tanks can -- septic tanks, and the sewage problem, you can help anymore. here's an update. >> reporter: the letter jacinta neighbors, and they say that castro valley sanitary district
5:25 pm
has suspended all discharge permits for septic tank service companies until's -- until further notice. this is a program the district launched in 2015, where he human waste was legally dumped into a sewer hole, they question why sewage was be -- allowed to be dumped, along northbridge avenue. trucks would pull up on a sidewalk, without splash guards, they would then drive off. there have been neighborhood complaints, but the dumping kept happening. we're told this manhole is attached to larger pipes, capable of taking on thousands of gallons of waste. now this new letter says the district was to review and evaluate this discharge process, it will be monitored to make sure no more dumping is happening there. that program brought in $20,000 to the sanitary district, since her investigation, neighbors told me they have not seen a single truck on their street or in their neighborhood.
5:26 pm
>> as i recall, when you are in the neighborhood, you are saying the smell was overpowering, where are they going to dump the sewage now? >> for now, they will not be allowed to dump in castro valley, they will have to take it to the wastewater treatment plant, relieving a lot of neighbors there.>> thank you. $5 million in four days. >> how much has been raised to help families separated at the border with mexico. taxing big business, set to weigh in on a tax hike, that could cost apple tens of millions of dollars. would you be willing to wait longer for right if it meant you had to pay less? the new plan for huber, we will explain coming up. -- uber.
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this afternoon, president
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trump met with house republicans on capitol hill saying he wanted to fix the immigration system, he called a great meeting, but he expressed no preference on two bills that could come up for a vote later this week, they would address the policy of family separation as well as the border wall, and new restrictions on legal immigration. the white house said the president would consider a stand-alone bill to keep children from being separated from their families. public outcries to the zero- tolerance order policy has led to action on social media, a couple from the area as their friends to donate to help children separated from their families, when the pages already raised several million dollars, at one point, they were getting $3000 a minute. >> reporter: it started with keyboard click send a request by 2 former facebook employees. saturday, charlotte and dave willner sent out a plea over
5:31 pm
the digital divide, asking for facebook friends to donate to a texas nonprofit, the refugee and immigrant center for immigration services, sought bill for one immigrant parent trying to cross into the u.s. illegally. they wanted to raise $1500, but five days later, they've raised well over $5 million. >> social media is the greatest tool ever created to organize people, this is a great example of that. >> reporter: they said they were compelled to act after seeing a pitcher of a toddler crying next to her parents after the adult was questioned by a border agent. it was the closest thing we could do to hacking -- hugging that kid. these are the kids we don't care about, they are like our kids. that $1500 goal was quickly surpassed, and at one point, it was at the rate of $3000 per minute. social media expert, richard craig's, -- richard craig causes this kind of response can lead to abuse.
5:32 pm
>> video, still photos can be taken out of context, things like that, this is just an instance where a huge groundswell of people has been outraged by what is going on at the border. and it could be manipulated, but i don't think we have ever seen it on a scale like this, simply because people really seemed touched by it, driven to action by. >> reporter: the director of the nonprofit that is benefiting says he is stunned and grateful by this outpouring, adding sometimes it can take between weeks and months to reunite an immigrant parent with her child. in the san jose studio, i am jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. leaders across the county are demanding funds for deportation defense, they met outside a board of supervisors meeting, to make a push for the county. jeff sessions, zero-tolerance policy, is hurting the community, and will only lead to more detentions and deportations.
5:33 pm
some supervises a they are fighting to keep families together. and provide those at risk of deportation the proper funding for legal defense. >> what the federal government is doing in tearing families apart, parents, from their children, is totally unacceptable. and so hopefully, what the county can do at the county level is to make sure that we can support those families. but make no mistake about it, separating families in tearing families apart is un-american, and it is not true to our values.>> the supervisor says there is an estimated 11,000 families in san mateo county, who are affected by the trip demonstrations immigration policy. president trump is threatening new trade tariffs on $200 billion worth of chinese goods, the 10% tariffs will go to effective china refuses to open its markets to u.s. goods and reduce its trade surplus with the united states.
5:34 pm
the president has asked u.s. trade representative to i defy goods that would be tax, president trump recently ordered 25% tariffs on $50 billion in chinese goods, china responded by saying it would match those tariffs dollar for dollar. on wall street, stocks fell on concerns of the trade dispute, chemical companies, saw declines, the dow fell 287 points, the 16 road has been down, the nasdaq was down 21, the s&p 500 lost 11. a new business tech they could have a big impact on large employers, including apple, live now at city hall could -- city hall, with what they are considering, and who's against it. >> reporter: home this is 4000 residents, the number triples on any workday with outside employees coming in, now city leaders are considering making the largest employee -- employers, including apple, pay a tax per employee.
5:35 pm
will come to cupertino, the home of apple, they are considering making it more expensive for the tech giant to do business here. >> i'm just asking for their fair share. >> reporter: a proposed business tech height, affecting 30 employers, including apple, seagate, and whole foods. businesses with less than 99 employees would be exempt. >> i don't think it will be enough, but it is a good start. >> reporter: the council is considering five different models to charge companies between $150 to $1500 per employee, generating $4 million to $32 million. >> it is very conceptual what is being discussed at this point, that is the promise. >> the head is against the idea, he says the proposal is rushton doesn't adequately
5:36 pm
address the transportation problem. >> we are opposed to acting on this go around, let's move it to the next election cycle. >> reporter: they made the stickers to wear at the meeting, the chamber, which has a membership of 300 businesses, including apple, could support another measure. >> there could be alternative solutions to the tax, per se, working with the business community, we might be able to come up with funding mechanisms that come from states, the federal government, as well as from businesses.>> reporter: the meeting starts at 6:45 pm tonight, little more than an hour from now, and depending on if they move forward, which model they choose, which could determine it on >> so maureen kyle what is apple saying about all this?>> reporter: they didn't reply to our questions, but he heard pushback from apple two years ago, but at this point they are not lobbying against it.
5:37 pm
hoover is testing out a new feature that would a opportunity for cheaper fare, to wait a few minutes, and san francisco and los angeles, and they are testing out a cost saving feature known as express pool, it directs riders to a nearby location where they can share with other riders. a man walking on the street in oakland attacked from behind. >> he put me up against the side of the head -- he hit me up against the side of the head, once in the face, twice that, for five blows. >> the local activist talks to us. you're hi! are you two getting along? oh, yeah, yeah. [ hiss ]
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a well respected human rights activist and leader in the lgbtq community suffered a severe attack, it happened saturday night, leaving many people on edge.>> scott long has worked in many of the most dangerous places in the world, including war zones, and said he never expected anything like this to happen, he said it wasn't a targeted hate crime, but a random attack.>> they talked with him about what happened. >> he knocked my glasses off, after that, i couldn't see what was going on, there was at
5:41 pm
least a second blow to the head, and a blow right across the neck here.>> reporter: saturday, june 9, 10:30 pm, a leader on issues, was brutally attacked on 35th avenue in oakland's laurel neighborhood. his assailant beat him with a tire iron. >> blood was coming out, i was kind of screaming, i remember saying why are you doing this? what are you doing?>> reporter: between blows, he tried to see who was attacking him. >> i only got a brief glimpse, a little bit shorter than i was -- i am, white, thin and wiry, carrying a tire iron, he hit me up against the side the head with a tire iron again, at least twice the phase. and once across the neck. i didn't fall over, i was absolutely terrified, i thought if i fell over, he would start
5:42 pm
bashing my brains out, but instead, he kind of laughed and ran into the darkness.>> reporter: his attacker appeared out of nowhere, what made it frightening, was that it took place less than six blocks away from his home, making life in this neighborhood more difficult. >> i'm not going to be walking out at night for a while, for physical and psychological reasons. >> reporter:'s injuries were so graphic, we chose to share this photo taken from his hospital bed, after facial reconstruction surgery. his roommate saw the worst of it. >> he was holding a bag against his face, honestly, i was so afraid to look, because it was very scary. there was just so much blood, and i was looking around.
5:43 pm
>> reporter: police have not tracked and with his activism in the lgbtq community, many assume it was a hate crime, but he doesn't think so. >> if i was looking to bashing a man or a trans-woman, i probably wouldn't be hiding out on 35th avenue and laurel, as my first place. >> reporter: rather than jail time, he hopes that his attacker will receive mental health counseling. rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. google is using artificial intelligence to predict a range of medical outcomes, including a patient's chance of survival. recently published research by google shows how algorithms can analyze a person's medical records to predict how long that patient may stay at the altheir odds of being readmitted, and their chances of surviving. google says the tools could predict symptoms and diseases, and help hospitals improve patient care. a huge event in the north bay set for this weekend, nascar set for this town, a look coming up. the midwest is getting
5:44 pm
slammed with heavy rain and flash flooding. tracking the temperatures, on the increase around here, details on what you can expect as we had forwarded to the weekend. is insatiable when it comes to competing. ♪ ♪ so is his horse. ♪ ♪ when it comes to snacking. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's why he uses the chase mobile app, to pay practically anyone, at any bank. life, lived victor's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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a series of slow moving storms has caused heavy flash flooding throughout the upper midwest, one person is dead, several s and businesses, and major highways are underwater, creating traffic issues,
5:47 pm
michigan, illinois, and indiana. they are stunned by the speed of the water. >> i have never seen this much rain in rockford. i have lived here since seven years old. >> it came down too hard and too fast, it couldn't handle all that.>> at least 7 inches fell in the upper peninsula, setting a new record. all that rain has created the spectacle wisconsin, a waterfall at a park south of the city of superior, water is roaring down that waterfall and to get a better look. the sonoma raceway is gearing up for its annual nascar event, they are expected to attend the save mart 350, they say it's the raceway's biggest event of the year, we can temperatures could reach into the 90s.
5:48 pm
>> it is something that we keep adding each year, a new fan zones, with tents, redwood deck, and shade features, and we've got a lot of water, a lot of beverages.>> the forecast calls for 90s in sonoma on saturday, and cooler in the 80s on sunday. people on a whale watching tour came across a dead blue will floating in the water over the weekend, experts at the marine mammal center are trying to figure out if it's the same one that washed ashore, it had an extremely bloated stomach, as you can see in this pitcher, blue whales are endangered, and also the largest living mammals on earth. experts are trying to determine what caused the will to die. a newborn sea lion is waiting for you to give her name, born saturday to the
5:49 pm
first-time mom, lulu. he was rescued by the marine mammal center, and to -- 2014, she could care for self, here's the contest to name the pup, it ends on friday. this talk about the weather, bill martin, nascar coming to town, in the past they've gotten 100,000 people in the race, have you ever gone? beaker i've always wanted to, but i am a baby about the traffic.>> the bottlenose right there.>> go early, leave early with a couple laps to go, or leave late. >> onthey talked about having the races, i got caught coming across, from alejo. ever since then, i have been traumatized. [ laughter ] >> it permanently scarred you. [ laughter ] >> yes, i would love to go out there sometime. absolutely. a huge thing, it is nascar?
5:50 pm
the biggest sport on the planet. other than soccer. >> that is to racecourses, and i'm going to go. weather is good, it's going to be pretty hot out there, do you get good tickets? >> i get a press pass. >> do i have a press pass? [ laughter ] here is the story right here, nascar this weekend, it will be hot, we did this story earlier, watering stations and things like that, the pattern is such that we had the cooler pattern, and now we are going into this one, and this is your whole summer, it is this, cool, what is happening now, and it is very simplified, but that's the basics of it. current temperatures from today, highs from today, 91 in morgan hill, about where they were yesterday, a little warmer, the fog along the coast is an indicator of the contraction of
5:51 pm
the marine layer, see how it is stuck there? that is the high, the shrinking thing were talking about, my meteorology professor be rolling of right now, hearing me talk about this, if you can understand in terms of compression, pushing it down, and the cool air can't get inland, temperatures heat up. the human spots heated up, 85 in concorde, the temperatures inland, fairfield and concorde, 3 degrees and 40 degrees warmer than yesterday. tomorrow will be about the same, we will run flat, but as we get into your thursday and friday, then it i love the shot, you can see the fog is kind of up at the tower, coming up on 1800 feet high, when you count the base the mountain, you casen it rolling in, now, to tonight -- tonight and tomorrow, that's fine, but we will be looking down on the fog, the fog
5:52 pm
footprint, pretty aggressive, some fog, and about were was today, maybe a little bit cooler, but a nice day, low pressure goes that way, warmer inland today, and as we head into tomorrow, a wash, it will be that much different, but thursday, friday, saturday, and some heat around here, 90 degrees in fairfield, 90 in antioch. what i love, when i was a kid, you might be too young for this, in paradise, at the airport, they would have drag races, right? >> i've always wanted to go to a drag race, guys and gals would race them out there, a 67 puke special, you can raise anything you wanted, and literally the whole community would show up, we would have these drag races, like americans -- american graffiti. it's like a real race. >> those dragsters, i've got to
5:53 pm
see one of those one of these days. just this week, the world health organization classified it, gaming, as a mental health disorder, with many parents wondering if their kids have a problem, what to look for to see if your kids could be obsessed.
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oprah winfrey is in a new club, she rings among the 500 richest people, $4 billion, the first black female entrepreneur on the bloomberg billionaires index, she is at 494, just
5:56 pm
behind mark cuban and ross perot, she made $427 million this year, along with pitching the brand, she owns a stake in weight watchers. she just announced a partnership with apple to introduce original programs and contact -- content. research from charles schwab says people living in san francisco says it takes earning more than $4 million to be considered wealthy, according to the study, 51% of people are living paycheck to paycheck, when asked about their personal definition of wealth, 30% say peace of mind, and in the short term, when it comes to feeling rich, 38% said having time for themselves is what makes them feel wealthy. gamers the spotlight, after they classified can's posted videogame playing as a mental health disorder, having parents
5:57 pm
worried whether their kids love for videogames is obsessive or normal. what doctor said parent should look out for to identify videogame addiction. -- >> reporter: the world health organization says players can become addicted, the organization is moving to name gaming disorder as a medical condition.>> one can be addicted to really anything. >> reporter: the medical center of aurora, says this is a step in the right direction. >> we are seeing people spend up to 16 hours a day just playing video games, this allows them to reach out for help. speakers some say they are therapeutic or educational, so how do you know if you or your kiproblem?>> the biggest symptom is isolation, withdrawing to the computer room, and not leaving in.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: a few things to watch out for, increased amount of time playing, failed attempts to control behavior, increased sense of euphoria when playing, craving more time on the computer, isolating from friends and family, feeling restless when not playing, being dishonest, interfering with job in school, feeling ashamed about playing time, change in sleep patterns and physical changes like weight. if you answer yes to five or more of those things, that could indicate a problem. >> we know that depression, suicide feelings, is correlated with the hours people spend on the screen. >> reporter: help is available, although insurance coverage could be tough. >> there is not a struggle when it is tied to depression. and anxiety. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00, starts now. >> these are laws that have been broken for years and decades.>> president trump meets with republican lawmakers
5:59 pm
on capitol hill with the growing outrage against a zero tolerance immigration enforcement efforts, as protesters here in the bay area and beyond call for change to keep immigrant families together. >> the trump campaign has one disaster after another, but this seems to be the most cruel and heartless.>> emotions running high across the country tonight, good evening, i am frank somerville. >> i am julie haener, democrats and republicans, some of them agree, that the president could stop this at any time, the president sees it differently, or is intent on shifting the blame. he said that democrats of the problem, they don't care about crime, and they want illegal immigrants, no matter how bad they might be, to pour into the country like ms-13. >> the president said this is the ridiculous and obsolete laws on immigration, it done,
6:00 pm
always keeping in mind that we have to have border security. >> all anyone is talking about dc, while heading to a closed- door session with gop lawmakers, the president said the system has been broken for years, and he gave an idea of what he wants congress to do about it. >> reporter: president trump did not share details on his meeting with the house gop, hammering out details on two immigration bills, earlier in the day, during a meeting with small business owners, he urged congress to have more authority to remove families illegal enteri >> we went to end the and remov illegal immigrant families, altogether, and brback to the country.


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